Campaign of the Month: August 2012


Further into darkness

In the old days they always used to say…..“Don’t split the party”
In recent times they still held by this dictum.
Now, in Gossamer, we find the that not much has changed.

Lone drow








Inside the Room of Three Blessings, the Questors are attacked by nine undead neopriests on two fronts. Most questors follow Kane the Traveller, but Sir Keoghen charges by himself into a group of five priests that isolate him from his friends and lead to a very sudden (but honourable) death. Jezrab Flinchal‘s spectacular spring attack turns out to be less effective than his other magic. Tippit remains alive but is visibly shaken by the ferocity of the neopriest attack on the Paladin. Aibron Torromson continues to struggle against the creatures with his slashing weapon and Baris the Black laments his critical hit ineffectiveness against such creatures. Quintine Excavar is unable to prevent Keoghen’s demise, but bolsters her fellow adventurers with positive energy and good vibrations.

With the neopriests destroyed, the Questors travel to the Valley of Divine Light to replenish themselves. Jezrab’s help with a small mushroom harvest is much appreciated by Gerald Scarfe, as is Traveller’s storytelling technique. A new morning starts out with a failed attempt to investigate a portal that elicits an Entropic Enemy attack. Once destroyed, the attempt is repeated and Jezrab looks into the dark portal window of the armoury.

All is dark except for a Marilith dead ahead, sheathed in faerie fire about 50’ away. Looking carefully, Jezrab also notices three other pinpoints of faerie fire. Two undead drow outlined by Faerie Fire guard a passage to the right about 60’ away. Behind the Marilith, over 160’ away are two more groups of undead drow guards, about 100’ apart.

Time to prepare…


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