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Every Move You Make....

Simon switchblade

Final Report of Slick Jumper to the Dark Hills Guild:

This is my last missive concerning the SAMBAR CASE.As you are aware, in my assignation posing as the late Simon Switchblade, long lost cousin of Ahab Wrenchfree, I had been successful, in no short measure, largely due to the fact that Wrenchfree had never seen his cousin as an adult before and with thanks to the excellent credentials supplied by the Guild.

Since arriving in Lantan three weeks ago, the CLIENT has contacted me every night at 11pm through a small scrying device. I have used her intelligence reports and knowledge of the target, together with her spies and some of our own agents in the city of Sambar to keep abreast of the situation.

As predicted, the TARGET arrived a few days ago and made contact with the HOST. During a special feast held in honour of another dead cousin, I had a long chat with the CLERIC and although I was not able to determine much, did extend the bridge of friendship as much as I dared.

The CLIENT had requested a final meeting before the CATACLYSM, aimed primarily at the CLERIC. I was able to set up a meeting room in the Sambar Inn through one of our agents. The party very clerverly booked an adjacent room and were particularly mischeivious in their “staking out of the joint”. However, they did not interrupt the servant paid to set up the room and open the balcony. At the time that I climbed up invisibly into the room to deliver the crystal ball (replacing the one brought by the servant with the real one) and set up the summoning required of the CLIENT nobody was present and the servant did not see me. I later noticed one of the party keeping watch invisibly and flying outside the window, but by then the drapes were closed and the trap was set.

It was reported to me that the servant was intercepted, but since he knew nothing, he was let go and the TARGET entered the room. No more do I know, for I was by now already on my way to the ship to head back to Waterdeep. I trust all is in order and that the funds have been paid into the Guild Account.

Your humble servant,


He deserves the name “Slick.”

Every Move You Make....

Why, thank ’ee, Kind Sir!" (SJ)

Every Move You Make....
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