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After the Final Quest of Shimring the Questors who had completed the journey were each granted a wish and transported to wherever they wanted to be to live out their lives.

Wishes Granted by Ra:

Forge: “To have Gojira restored.” [GRANTED]
Baris: “To have Intelligence increased.” [add + 1 INT]
Pelius: “To have Wisdom increased.” [add + 2 WIS] (Ra/Pelor is Pelius’s God)
Faren: “To have Charisma increased.” [add + 1 CHA]
Aibron: “To have better movement.” [GRANTED WINGS!] (Ra/Pelor is Aibron’s God)
Talia: “To have Intelligence increased.” [add + 1 INT]

Accounts of the hereafter.

To find out what happened to the Champion Questors after Shimring, go Beyond Shimring to read accounts of some of the player characters!

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I thought Aibron, Baris, and Faren all died during the final battle….


They did but they were resurrected by Ra!

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