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Discouragement and Light

Gerald scarfe








The Divine Questors of the Droomalith descend down a long dark sloping passage into the Room of Unholy Discouragement, a place of intense darkness that is not suppressed by Kane the Traveller’s Daylight effect. In an attempt to dispel the darkness, Quintine Excavar brings forth an entropic enemy that attacks with its withering touch tentacles. Aibron Torromson and Sir Keoghen both move in to help, and even feebleminded Tippit lends a hand as Baris the Black tries to position himself strategically. Quintine, upset at the loss of her spell, readies herself to heal her wounded companions.

After a few seconds, the entropic enemy is subdued and killed and Jezrab Flinchal is successful in dispelling the darkness to reaveal a large domed circular room full of horrid bas relief carvings on the walls, with a huge adaminatine spider in the centre guarded by eight Yochlol statues facing each of its legs. Baris finds a device on each leg but also climbs up on the construct to discover a switch on the back of its head that opens up a secret door leading into Gossamer through an ancient spider web.

Some of the characters activate a few of the leg devices but with Baris already at the secret door, the party decide to follow him into the gloom. The way is hard, as this section of web is ancient and torn, causing two characters to fall into webs below. Luckily, Traveller is able to fly down and bring them back up.

After a long walk, they discover the bright moonlight of the Valley of Divine Light, a strange place with a continual night sky of stars and crescent moon. Over some green hills, the Questors travel until they meet Gerald Scarfe, an elven farmer and his three sons that seem to live a life of bliss within a surrounding hell of darkness and chaos. They say they have been living here for a few thousand years and used to receive many regular visits from the good dark elves of Eilistraee. All of these have gone hundreds of years ago and the only one to visit them any more is the dark drow warrior, Nimrod Zamminor, but even he has not been seen for months.

The elven hosts are congenial and rejoice in the stories of Aibron and Jezrab. They feed the party with fine food and offer comfortable beds but in the morning (if it could be called that, for the crescent moon has not moved position all night and light seems pretty constant) the Questors bid farewell and journey across the verdant planes to a new web opening, where Tippit unwittingly unleashes another entropic enemy that takes his life; however he is saved in the nick of time by Quintine’s Revivify spell.

Once the incorporeal creature is despatched, the party carefully track their way through the web strand until they are beset upon by a drow patrol. With fairie fire, darkness and poison bolts, the drow attack, but when the Questors get up close, the undead drow of Eillistraee prove to be no match for the hardened warriors among them. Collecting as many magical items as they can carry, including breastplates, hand crossbows, scimitars, armour and a silver ring worn on the finger of the neo-cleric, the group move onward through the dark grey webstrand.


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Discouragement and Light

LOL! I have to admit there is a rather uncanny resemblance!

Discouragement and Light
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