Campaign of the Month: August 2012


Darkness and Death

Ogre mage








Down down into the Dungeons of Greyhawk. Falek Grange slipping on stinking slimy floors that magnify the sound and after a difficult passage over a foreboding chasm, further chaos erupts as spells fail and Entropic Enemies appear, harrying the questors as they squeeze through the caved in tunnel only to be confronted by ogres of ugly disposition. Not only are they unfriendly, but they are also backed up by Ogre Mages, who fire spells while the poor Questors wrestle with fierce entities of invisible energy. Falek stands bravely at the front but is knocked down by fire and ice. Pelius shows his mettle but succumbs to horrid attack, and for Tippit, Sir Keoghen, Falek and Pelius, retreat gives way to Death.

Only Jezrab Flinchal and Grunthy make it out alive and flee to the surface, hoping that some of their friends will join them. Once again dead souls are rejected by the Gods and returned to their quest. Two enter their bodies slumped in an ogre den. Two others stand naked in a distant room, their bodies already burned and eaten by hungry ogres. Figurines of Wondrous Power, a Belt of Dwarven Kind, and two swords are lost to the magic used to reincarnate the dead characters.

But mighty characters such as these do not take death lying down. No! Pelius and Falek kill the leader of the ogres and take back the lost Heart of the Dracolich, Falek becoming wielder once again, and all meet on the surface. Sir Keoghen’s faith proves mighty indeed, and with a great surge of power the group gather in a whirling windwalking mission to track down their ogre adversaries and try and reclaim their lost treasure. Time is short and friends, it seems, are few!


Wow, nearly a TPK huh? It’s always difficult to determine what to do when that happens. Do you resurrect the fallen comrades or simply role up new characters? Both have their advantages and drawbacks. Sounds like you guys chose the former path.


Darkness and Death

It was a tough combat yet they forge onward…..

Darkness and Death
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