Campaign of the Month: August 2012


Clouds in my Coffee









A domed ceiling arches high above this octagonal room, which is lit by a flickering radiance from a broad circle of fire on the floor. Within this circle are three smaller circles, each defined by a rim of flickering runes like the larger one. High above, three balconies (each encased in a dome of reflective silvery metal protrude about 5 feet out over the floor. Three immense, deformed humanoid forms move restlessly about the larger circle. A human female stands within one of the rings. A human male stands within another.

As the Questors enter this room they realise that this is the destination of their first Quest. Realisation and resolve, together with memories of the Quest so far and the hardships they have overcome serve to reach deep into their very souls where a great fire is kindled, igniting the soulfire within each person so that Divine Inspiration seems to shine from within each Questor. For a full minute, this power suppresses the latent Primordial Energies within the temple and each member of the group feels directly inspired by their God.

Wizard Vayne, Cleric Shyrath and three Giant Rutterkins are the physical enemy here at the moment and the battle begins. Tippit cast Magic Jar but fails to possess a demon. Aibron and Keoghen wrestle with the demons, falling prey to their deadly snap-tong grapples. The cleric’s Confusion spell confounds Aibron. In a ripple of Divine Power, Sven is replaced by Baric the Black, immediately wielding the Heart of the Dracolich. Enbabling the True Seeing function, he determines that the Wizard in the hall is a Projected Image and that the real foe is behind one of the balconies, which are in fact rooms shielded by One Way Mirrors and strengthened by a Wall of Force. Tippit disintegrates the Wall and Traveller flies over to it and starts beating on it, while the Wizard within strengthens himself with spells. Quintine casts a potent Dispel Magic spell, which lifts the Invisibility Purge and Jezrab does his best to move between the fighters, helping Quintine to heal and bolster them, while Baris attacks the cleric and demons with deadly knives.

Soon both the cleric and two demons are dead, but not without loss. Keoghen is killed by one of the demons. As Traveller is starting to crack the capsule, the Wizard, armed with Mirror Images appears on the opposite side of the room. Traveller immediately flies to the attack.


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