Campaign of the Month: August 2012


Cleaning out the fireplace.









The Questors enter confidently into the dark room, filling it with light from Pelius’s spell. Jezrab has determined the position of the portal but it is not an easy passage, because a Protean Scourge has made its hiding place here, totally unaware of the new portal position. As the characters move towards it, it decides to protect itself by attacking first. On the first damage done to the creature by the Questors, it splits into two distinct beings and attempts to use its spellcasting abilities. These not being the most successful, it has to opt for physical combat. The Scourge puts up a good fight, seriously wounding some and bringing Falek Grange to the point of unconsciousness. But these foes are Holy Questors of a might not yet experienced by the Scourge, and in the end he is killed and his magical scythe taken.

Jezrab Flinchal leads the party through the portal, and divine inspiration washes over them as they enter a new world. Falek Grange, touched by the wisdom of Mystra, is made aware that the party is now entering a world where their souls cannot be reached by their own Gods.

The climate of Wyrmland is hot and cloudy, the vegetation different to most other lands seen by the Questors. A cacophany of loud shrieks, cries, squawks and howls fills their ears and they are unsure which way to travel. Shou Garner casts a Fly spell on Zahariel and he ascends 200’ into the air, noticing mountains to the north, swamp to the west, a river to the east and a large lake with an island to the sounth. At the tip of the lake, where a river joins the body of water, Zahariel notices what seems to be a humanoid village.

The Questors make their way to this place, being as careful as they can not to engage with any of the strange creatures that are obviously moving around in the vegetation on all sides of them. What they do not know is that they are being hunted by Megaraptors, who attack from the rear, two of them making off with Sir Keoghen’s horse and pony. The remainder are destroyed by the party, who are able to make their way to the village of Denn, negotiate entry and begin to converse with the Shamanic Chieftain, Imbamo Bama


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