Campaign of the Month: August 2012


An invitation to destruction









The Questors enter the Vaults of Creation. Dealing first with a slimy black pudding, they are attacked by a group of Verbeegs. Falek Grange charges ahead, with Sir Keoghen following. One of the members escapes into the dark tunnels ahead but one is captured. Keoghen offers freedom in return for surrender. Pelius protests, but in the end the party allow the poor frightened Verbeeg to leave, and he runs up the stairs.

The party shuffle through the passages, finding a room guarded by more Verbeegs, including the one that got away. Falek charges in but is immobilised. Something else seems to be in this room. The verbeegs put up a brave fight. They seem scared and manic. Then a secret door opens and a great floating eye moves into the room, casting dangerous rays that seem to slow Falek somewhat, and seriously affect Grunthy and Tippit. Jezrab Flinchal sings a mighty song that bolsters the company’s spirits and they attack with new vigour.

Falek dimension hops up to the creature and engages in a grapple. In the chaos, Pelius summons his Clerical magic and in a great flash of divine destruction, the creature is defeated. The questors pick up magical glaives and breastplates from the Verbeegs and find a secret stash place under the bones of the beholderkin’s meals. A small amount of treasure and magic is found.


OK wait a minute, did someone in your party actually manage to grapple a Beholder?! Cause if so, my hat is off to him. What a weighty pair he must have!


An invitation to destruction

We didn’t get too technical about it but it was such a random thing to happen we just had to roll with it….

An invitation to destruction
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