Campaign of the Month: August 2012


A Storeroom of Delights


The Questors wait for Jezrab but he does not return. Instead, a large half-celestial ogre arrives in his place, carrying the Portal Amulet. Vhazeil is the new emmisary of Llira in the Quest. Straight away, the newcomer proves his worth in the battle against the Iron Golem guarding the door.On entering the armoury, open doors and a revealed secret passage out of the chambers lead the party to surmise that whoever guarded this place has already fled. There are two non functioning iron golems in poor condition and the sound of scraping metal coming from the north.

The party move into a room full of broken and blunt weapons, where they also find two scrolls – a TRUE RESURRECTION and an ANALYSE DWEOMER. A portcullis reveals several mindless skeletons placing weapons carefully onto huge magical tables. When the portcullis is open the skeletons attack but are quickly vanquished.

Baris finds a secret door and investigates, succumbing to a SYMBOL OF INSANITY. Luckily, Keoghen uses one of his wishes to remedy this permanent condition and he carries on, finding a room not touched for hundreds of years wherein lie a display of special weapons, probably unknown to the most recent guardians of this place.

The group quickly leave the armoury to avoid further conflict and struggle in their attempts to find the Room of Divine History due to the fact that the layout of the web has changed. However, they strike lucky and arrive at the right place.

Baris moves into the polished chamber but is hit three times by disintegrate rays in his attempts to discover a safe route. With Baris returning to safety, Tippit suddenly remembers an old snippet of Divine Inspiration urging the Questors to look behind them before entering the Room of Divine History. They contemplate the meaning of this before taking any further action.









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