Campaign of the Month: August 2012


A Prophecy, A Skirmish and a Spot of Shopping








The party start out early by visiting the Tower of the Prophet and the Celestial Eye. Shou Garner does not go due to a serious tummy bug. At the Tower, the party meet Hound Archon Humbart and are given the scroll of the Celestial Eye. Humbart introduces Sir Keoghen to the service of the party. When they arrive back home they realise that Zahariel has not been with them and that an imposter has been in their midst. At this time there is a knock on the door and the sorcerer Tippit introduces himself and offers his service. The party accept and then try to trace the point where the imposter left them. However, all trails lead to a deadend.

They are then bothered by an insulting youth, two slimy Mezzoloths and Sergeant Crossley of the Sons of Mercy. Conflict is avoided and the party carry on their way collecting information. In the evening on their way back from trans-city wandering, they hear a cry for help and find a Githzerai, looking very much like Rule-of-Three being attacked. One of the Githyanki warriors warns them to stand down, but they pay no heed and head into the fray.

A githyanki warlock casts a wall of force behind Zahariel and appears on the steps ahead. One githyanki warrior appears next to Jezrab and cuts him with a fiery sword, but Jezrab uses an old jaunter trick and supplants himself with Keoghen. Out on his own, the lone githyanki warrior is cut down while Zahariel dispatches another and moves swiftly to deal with the warlock. But just when more death seems imminent a parley is made and one warrior and the warlock take off with their companions’s swords. The wounded Githzerai turns out not be Rule-of-Three, but Killiyak Gurettna, a wizard living in the Hive. By way of thanks he invites them all home, and gives them a Passwall scroll.

Pleasant sleep is not interrupted by dreams this night and when the party wake up, they do some serious shopping before returning to the library, where they are told that the portal to Wyrmland is to be found in they Githyanki quarter of Gitriban in the Guildhall Ward. They make their way there forthwith.


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