Campaign of the Month: August 2012


A God Released!


With death, loss and misery clinging to them like lampreys of lost souls, Baris the Black and Nimrod Zamminor enter the Throne Room of Archlich Amathus Wendyll to present to him the Key to the Room of Dark Seclusion, thereby gaining entrance to the final stage of their quest.

However, all is not as tragic as it seemed for the Questors have completed a mighty task against all odds and the Droomalith is moved both by their courage and the petitions of their Warding Deities. Perhaps it is the power of the Droomalith, or perhaps it is a true “turning” of the Lich as he sees his own victorious future in sight, but he shows great benevolence in his penultimate act within the dying Realm of Gossamer, and the able bodies of Tippit and Aibron are restored.

Giving the party his Crystal Ball of True Seeing, Amathus directs the party to their goal and is taken through a sudden rip in the fabric of Gossamer by a Solar of Eillistraee. With the web structures of Gossamer crumbling around them, the party travel by Windwalk to the final room.

There they discover that Vhaeraun is the God in Chains and that Nimrod Zamminor, his servant, is a deep dragon champion of the Jaezred Chaulssin. Much anguish ensues as the intrepid adventurers struggle to find a way to remove the Chains of Gond, thus enabling their own artifact carried by Pelius. In the end it is they themselves that come to their rescue, as they realise that they have been in a time loop all along.

The giant form of Pelius enters the room and removes the chains from the statue, just as he did in Sigil many nights ago. With the power of the Heart of the Dracolich Baris compels the God Vhaeraun to speak before he is whisked away to the safety of Shadow by Nimrod, and with his last remaining power word, takes the party at last out of Savandem and out of the Demonweb back to Shimring.

They have been told they must enter the Primordial Temple of Grneekle, cojoined with Faerun in the town of Sambar on the Islands of Lantan. But first they must battle the Guardian, a huge monstrosity with many eyes and a devious shadow, five claws reaching through dimensional space and its terrible tail dripping with shadowy acid. Aibron is killed but in the end the party endure and they arrive in Sambar, resurrecting their friend and embarking upon the quest that they have really been wishing to complete for quite some time – SHOPPING!!!!!









Ok, so let me get this straight- someone is resurrected, so it is time to go shopping? Sounds like it was fun!

A God Released!

Victor, sometimes shopping is more important than life or death!

(The group had not really been able to buy stuff since leaving Sigil at the beginning of the campaign. A rust dragon had destroyed a few prize items right near the beginning and there were no shops in the dying webs of Gossamer – so they were MORE THAN ready to buy stuff!)

A God Released!
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