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The Questors are inspired. Two demons have been killed and the other is being hammered by Baris, while Quintine and Jezbrab support and heal from behind. Aibron is still babbling incoherently after being hit by Shyrath’s confusion spell and Tippit is being strangled inside the grappling snap-tong of the huge Rutterkin.

At this point the wizard Vayne uses his Dimension Door to appear flying at the other side of the room. He is surrounded by Mirror Images and immediately starts using a wand to fire lines of sharp bone shards. But Traveller quickly flies over to the wizard, his aura of Invulnerability suppressing the images and enabling him his deadly flurry of blows. Before the wizard can successfully save himself, Traveller has smashed his head against the wall and the wizard floats down to the floor. Jezrab checks to make sure he is dead and the others finish off the last of the demons.

As the Questors are taking stock and ripping the magical items from the bodies of Shyrath and Vayne, there is suddenly a tense crackling sound and the air around every creature, dead or alive, is rimmed with black flame. The flames on the circles are killed and in the hall appears the 20’ high armoured demon form of Iuz.

The presence of the God instills paralytic fear in all but three of the party, and ignoring these, Iuz raises the lifeless form of Vayne to the ground. Crushing him in his hand, he promises many lives of pain for the wizard that failed him before turning round to the Questors and telling them it is now their time to die.

But in his haste to punish Vayne, Iuz was not careful enough. He does not know that he is in the presence of the Heart of the Dracolich and when the heart wielder, Baris utters the Power Word ASTAROTH two things happen. Firstly, Iuz is compelled to a truthful answer and the Questors learn that their next journey will be to Gossamer, in the Demonweb Pits. Also, and what is most terrible for Iuz, the power of the Dracolich also enables the Godtrap of Zagyg, ensnaring Iuz and in inescapable trap of writhing snakelike smoke that holds him fast and takes him into a demi-plane of imprisonment, a place He thought He would never see again.

Baris utters the Power Word ASTAROTH one last time and the Questors find themselves outside the Temple. They rest for a day and then Jezrab teleports them to SAVANDEM. On encountering the Guardian, a huge charnel hound, Baris evokes the cojoining of planes by uttering the Power Word SAVANDEM. They defeat the hound and prepare to enter the dark passage leading them to GOSSAMER.


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