Valley of Divine Light

There are five entrances into this five mile wide demiplane. All of these passageways are lit from here with the light shining down the length of the passage. In the centre is a hill with a house on it surrounded on all sides by valleys and then further hills on the circumference. The sky appears as a normal night sky lit by stars and a bright crescent moon. It is difficult to determine direction inside this place.

The house is inhabited by Gerald Scarfe, a mushroom crop farmer, and his three sons. They once lived in a prime material plane about 1 500 years ago and decided to leave their colony, looking for peace after the death of the wife/mother in some war against orcs. They found this valley and have lived here contentedly for many years. They believe that everything outside the valley is wicked and evil and do not ever wish to go there.

They report that they used to be visited by Dark Elves and others many years ago, but have not seen anyone for a few hundred years now, apart from Nimrod Zamminor, a good drow who continued to visit them even after the others stopped, bringing always news and good humour with him. But even he has not be seen for a few years now.

They have befriended the Questors and have granted sanctuary, peace, food and rest in return for “Tales from beyond the valley”. They have access to all manner of simple supplies, food, water, containers, weapons – anything non mechanical, as well as some CLW and Bear, Bull, Cat, Eagle, Owl potions – all of which they are willing to sell for the going price. They may also be willing to buy some magical items, if they deem them to be useful.

The faith of Gerald Scarfe and his sons in Corellon Larethian is not misplaced. At the time of the destruction of Gossamer, they are safely transported by him to Arvondor.









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Valley of Divine Light

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