The Village of Denn

Roleplay was a bit rushed in the last few minutes so here is a brief summary with some other facts that I may have forgotten to mention and some others that you will glean from spending extra time with Imbamo Bama.

The village of Denn is barricaded by thick briar and wooden palisades. You will see there are towers around the perimeter and these are filled with brush and wood during the day and kept burning at night.Imbamo says this is mainly to keep out Raptors and other large lizards and mammals, as Dragons do not attack Denn. At night, the fires ward off the lizards and warn flying dragons to steer clear of the area.

You estimate there may be as many as 80 – 100 adult villagers in Denn. (Children are kept away from your corrupting influence). Only Imbamo shows any real inclination to discuss things with you and most of the others will converse through him.

There are constantly divers diving in the lake. They dive for shellfish, eating the meat and saving any pearls for Kapeski, their Dragon Ward.
At night you find a Ranger party returns from outside carrying parts of a large dinosaur. This is quickly prepared by the women and cooked over a great central fire. The night is spent drinking a substance similar to coconut wine and singing strange songs. Daquis grows bored of interpereting the songs and idle chatter and tells Zahariel to concentrate rather on the strange intervals in the music, which he tells you is based on a scale of 13 notes with an extra minor. “Scinitillating!” he calls it, and takes mental rest.

You are still able to speak to Imbamo, for, surprisingly enough, he speaks Common (as he tells, an ancient clerical language passed on down the line of Shamans.)

The clothing of the villagers is not just furs. They have very finely woven cloths and you learn that they are able to make linen, leather and almost all things with the exception of metal. Metal they have never seen before but Imbamo has heard of it and knows of its uses as a substance greatly superior to stone and wood. He will be ready to broker deals and is willing to offer some potions, as well as any other supplies.

They seem to know about various types of gems and tell you these can be found lying on the ground in Wyrmland if you know where to look.

Imbamo’s religion tells him that the Great Dragon God, Bahamut and his Wife Tiamut govern all the world and protect the people of Denn. They have done this by giving Denn a guardian, Kapeski, who lives on the Island in the middle of the lake. In return for their safety, the people of Denn have payed tribute to Kapeski through hundreds of years.

Once a month, the people of Denn pay tribute to Kapeski. A boat, filled with savage kobold guards will sail over to the island and accept gems, particularly pearls, on behalf of Kapeski. Kapeski has once shown Imbamo some metal objects and told him he prizes these above all other treasure.

Once a year, and on other odd occasions at the demand of Kapeski, one or two villagers are given as tribute. It is considered an honour to be presented to the great dragon lord and those who are sent are not mourned. However, it is true to say they are never seen again.

The villagers of Denn have some small canoes (3 berth) and they use these to fish and look for pearls. However, they are not permitted to go near the island and none have ever done so. Nonetheless they see where the Kobolds take their tribute.

The entrance to the cave is 200’ above the water level over a sheer drop. Boats are berthed at the bottom and a mechanical crane is used to lift goods and people up to a stone platform where the entrance is. The villagers know that there are constantly Kobold guards on this platform, day and night. The villagers also believe that Kapeski has many spies as he seems to know everything that they do.

They say Kapeski does not come out of his cave very often but when he does, he is gigantic and terrifying. None can stand against him They describe his colour as similar to the brass doorknobs that Keoghen showed them.

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The Village of Denn

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