Room of Dark Seclusion


The Questors used Wind Walk to enter the Room of Dark Seclusion quickly through the long dark tunnel. At the end of the passageway they found a colossal double door, wide open, and inside a flat floor running in all directions as far as darkvision could see. In the middle of the massive room they found a giant rectangular structure hundreds of feet wide, long and high. Nimrod flew up while Tippit and Baris travelled to the other end of the structure, discovering that the object was a massive tomb with a stone statue on top in the semblance of an elf. Draped over the statue were three metal chains – bronze, silver and gold – matching the chains carried by Pelius. Memories floated through of the Portal in Sigil.

  • In Sigil, the Lady of Pain had opened a portal. Pelius had gone in first by himself. Tiny people had asked him to take the chains from the tomb and leave. Pelius had done this and the portal had closed.

    The massive doors slammed shut and now with the chains heating up in Pelius’s hands and the bodies of all living beings in the room beginning to vibrate, the Questors seemed at a loss to what to do when suddenly a gigantic opening appeared and the colossal foot of Pelius from the past stepped in to complete the time circle. The gigantic chains were removed and the Questors found themselves in an average sized room facing the awakened God, Vhaeraun, and Nimrod Zamminor, now revealed as a Shadow Dragon servant of the Deity.

    In an instant Baris used the Power Word Savandem to determine that the Chains they possessed still had to be enabled and that this could only occur in the Faerun islands of Lantan, in the town of Sambar. Vhaeraun then left with Nimrod through the shadow rift, and but for the Heart of the Dracolich the Questors would have perished in the Demonweb Pits.

    Baris’s final use of the Power Word Savandem transported the adventurers outside of the Primordial Temple of Savandem on the island of Shimring.


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  • Room of Dark Seclusion

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