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Divine Resurrection no longer applies in this game but the level dependent Divine Intervention roll still applies. Death is prevented by TRUE RESURRECTION on a successful roll.

Shimring Effect: Alignment Descriptor (e.g. GOOD/EVIL/LAW/CHAOS) spells, feats, skills and abilities are suppressed and have a 50% chance of failure. Deities cannot grant these spells to clerics but scrolls can be used.
State intended action, roll percentile die. 51% or higher allows spell, ability, etc. to function.
Magical abilities resulting from ITEMS function as normal and are not affected.
(Previously, only Divine Intervention Roll could negate this effect.)

Primordial Power Effect: The Chains of Gond repel all minor and medium power Primordial Entities. Since the major Primordial Powers are imprisoned, this means that Questors need not make any rolls against this effect.

Home Plane Affinity: Plane of origin affects d20 rolls on coexistent plane. In Grneekle, characters from Faerun or Sigil gain +1 on all d20 rolls. Characters from Greyhawk or Earth suffer -1 on all d20 rolls.

There are no Planar effects. Grneekle is cojoined with a Prime Material Plane.

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Grneekle Condition Summary

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