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Information on Shirming from Jezrab’s questions to the Brass Dragon:

Shimring (Dragon’s Perspective)

  • Obscure island guarded by continual magical cloud. Teleportation in and out is impossible, but within the land OK. No planar travel other than through Primordial Temples, which can only be done with the Heart of the Dracolich.
  • HISTORY – Originally ruled over by Tharizdun, who we call Cthulhu – he used human slaves to build the temples. When Cthulhu was imprisoned, the Droomalith ripped the island from the mainland, using the Primordial fluids and the bones of the original wyrm, now known as the Dracolich.
  • PLANAR RULES – The Primordial conduits opened by the Heart of the Dracolich are like pockets into a new plane, that maintain the properties of the home plane as well. Travellers from Shimring can react to those in the coexistant plane but are subject to effects of the Primordial Powers of the home plane, whereas the creatures they meet are not. Most times spells and effects are not affected, but sometimes they are enhanced, sometimes they fail totally and sometimes elements of Chaos erupt into the space. These effects vary. Any effects from the coexistant plane affect travellers as well.
  • HOME PLANE AFFINITY – This affects all things relating to the plane of origin of the traveller, e.g.In Astaroth, whose coexistant plane is Greyhawk, Oerth, Characters from Greyhawk or Earth will get +1 to all d20 rolls. All others will get -1. Effects in each temple may change.
  • ENVIRONMENT – Shimring has its own micro ecology with its own flora and fauna, including some sentient creatures – Thri Kreen in the planes, winged humanoids in mountainous areas. No animals or birds survive on the Island of Horus. Horus is forbidden to all true dragons.
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